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Home Dye Kit

Home Dye Kit

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Would you like to dye our undyed yarn at home?

The Acid Milling Dye Complete Starter Pack allows you to create your own unique hand dyed yarns. The kit will dye any protein-based fibre yarn (wool, mohair, cashmere, silk, camel, yak etc) in beautiful, vibrant colours. The six colours in this kit can be combined to create hundreds of different colours. The kits are very economical and contain enough dye for 10-20 x 100g hanks of yarn.

The kit contains 10g each of 6 base colours for mixing - magenta, lemon yellow, scarlet, golden yellow, ultramarine & turquoise, along with fixative, gloves and instructions.

The product contains the fixative so you don't need to add anything except water.
The strength of the colour can be varied by using more or less of the dyes - from pastels to deep shades.

We also sell our yarn in packs of 5 hanks and in individual hanks so you can select the yarns you want to dye.

Acid dyes do not contain acid. In fact, they have a neutral pH similar to water. The term 'acidic' refers to the mild acid salts used as a fixative which have an acid value (pH) similar to food acids such as vinegar and citric acid.

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